We will offer full transparency with everything that has been achieved so far and our future developments.
Temporarily the team will not show its face but, do not be discouraged by this, we will try to earn the trust of the people by doing our best by offering a very good quality game.
We know that due to many scams, trust in NFT games has been lost and we want to be that game that people trust again.

🥰 The game:

We have been working on this game for more than 6 months until we have polished it up and offered a very good quality product. We have mainly focused on easy gameplay so that anyone will be able to enjoy the game.
We are not going to ask for an initial investment to develop the game since it is fully functional and finished, what we will do is constantly update it, adding content from time to time and so that you always have something to do, so don't worry, we will not forget from you :3

🧐 About us:

This project started with the idea of making a game that meets the expectations of all people about an NFT game, that is easy to play and that you don't have to spend a lot of time playing the game to win, just with a few clicks a day you can may be making money.
We had played several NFTs and none lived up to what they said, which was, to be a real NFT game. They didn't have very good economics either, and by using their own token, most games were constantly backdoor stealing. So we have decided to do the following and give more confidence to the community:
We did this: