The Warehouse is the main building in the game, it is necessary to have one to start playing. It does NOT generate money and is used to apply improvements to other buildings. Applies collection time improvements and production bonuses, the more level the warehouse has, the better the bonuses it will offer.
From the warehouse you will be able to collect rewards from all the buildings with a simple click and also see information such as the profits made, the amount of resources collected, daily profits, monthly profits...among others.
The position of the warehouse will be very important, since the area around the warehouse will define the bonus that the buildings around it receive.
The circle will get bigger depending on the level of the store.

Building Placement:

When placing the buildings, a green or red point will appear that has the following meanings:
  • Green: The building is inside the warehouse circle and you can take advantage of the production bonus
  • Red: You will not receive the production bonus offered by the warehouse as you are outside of the circle

Small House:

Small House
This building is used to generate Coins
  • Cost: 3.4 Coins
    + 6 Wood
  • Production: 0.14
    / day

Big House:

Big House
This building is used to generate Coins
  • Cost: 3 Coins
    + 15 Wood
  • Production: 0.15 Coins
    / day


This building is used to generate Coins
  • Cost: 6 Coins
  • Production: 0.20 Coins
    / day


This building is used to turn Food
into Coal
  • Cost: 2 Coins
  • Production: 90 Food
    > 1 Coal

Fishing Shack:

Fishing Shack
This building is used to generate Food
and can only be placed near or on top of a lake. (Several can be placed in the same lake).
  • Cost: 9.6 Coins
  • Production: 3 Food
    / day

Family House:

Family House
This building is used to generate Coins
  • Cost: 3 Coal
  • Production: 0.99 Coins
    / day
This building is special and it degrades slower, being able to produce up to 40 USDT before it starts to degrade.


Each building that generates Coins
and Food
, will have a state of wear and tear, which can be:
  1. 1.
    Perfect: The production of the building is at 100%
  2. 2.
    Poor Quality: Only 60% of the rewards generated by the building can be claimed
  3. 3.
    Degraded: The production of the building will be reduced to 30%.
These states change upon completing the building's Roi for the first, second, and third time, prompting reinvestment in the game over the long term.
For example, when the Roi of the building has been reached, that is, payback of that building, the production itself will change to the next state listed above.
Remember that when you level up a house, you lose the Vault % if you haven't claimed it before.