To access the PvP panel, you need to buy the building "Pigeon Coop":
When you first open the building panel, you will need to Roll to get a Fighting Pigeon. The roll is completely random.
Some pigeons have a special fighting effect that can be observed before shooting.
Once you have obtained a Pigeon, you will be able to carry out PvP combat with a maximum of 3 fights per day.
For every winning fight you will earn: +0.26 Coins
and in case of losing it would be +0.15 Coins
. This building does not have any type of wear.

Data of interest:

  • In each fight you will start with the Health and Food that the pigeon has. If a fight is lost, the stats of the lost fight will remain. If the fight wins, Health and Food will not be affected and will remain as they were before the fight started.
  • For every 3 fights, he will go up 1 Level and get +1 Stat Points that can be raised to (Attack, Defense or Speed).
  • You will be able to recover your Health and Food bar by buying items in the shop next door.
  • The matchup of fights is based on the Power points your pigeon has.


  • Attack: It will make your pigeon do more damage in combat, it also raises Health and Food by a small percentage.
  • Defense: Will make the pigeon take less damage and block a part of the damage. Also increases maximum health.
  • Speed: Increases the frequency with which the pigeon attacks, increases the maximum Food capacity and causes enemies to lose Food in fights.


  • If a pigeon runs out of Food it will only receive critical hits.
  • Will do less damage
  • Your speed will decrease
The list of opponents will be updated every 10 minutes