QR Code

At MediTown, you have the ability to play from mobile devices or any device that has a browser without having a cryptocurrency wallet. To do this, you will have to click on the options button and request a QR code.
Once the button is pressed, you will get a confirmation and a warning before showing the QR code. Remember not to publicly display this code as they will be able to access your account.
If you think someone has your code, by clicking on it again to generate another one, the previous one will stop working.
Once we have our QR code, we can go to any device that has a browser and access the game page since the page will detect that MetaMask is not installed and the option to scan a QR code will appear.
We will have the possibility of using a camera to scan the code (in the case of mobile phones) or directly upload the image with the code, here you must choose what suits you best.